see links to each venue below and combine orders 



In the Little High Eatery, 255 St Asaph St

Dumpling & Bao, wok & hot pan



in the Riverside Market, 96 Oxford Tce

Japanese street feel at your local chch ramen joint with house made noodles and ever developing chef specials






Parking entrance of Merivale Mall, 189 Papanui Rd

Japanese and Chinese presented on the small plates 




Upstairs of the Riverside Market

Modern Chinese with a Shanghainess touch and international influences; Go Karaoke!

Sushi Soldier


In the Little High Eatery, 255 St Asaph St

Japanese donburi, sushi and sashimi

Gelato & Tea


Across the lane from Ramen Ria in the Riverside Market lane way

Bubble Tea, house made Gelato, and dessert combination of both


eightgrains group christchurch home delivery

from your entree, bakery, snacks, to dumplings to share, local wagyu and premium Ora king sashimi, to bubble tea, gourmet desserts, gelato tubs. 

we'll have you all covered together with all of our businesses best effort to get through this safely, in our private commercial kitchen.

During Level 4 lock down: We have limited frozen packs available and will try to cover Christchurch as much as possible, packed and delivered by the owners ourselves, all of our staff stay in their bubbles just as safe as you :)


Contactless delivery within 3 days if not same day or next day. Flat rate most of the Christchurch $5, Free delivery for order over $60 within Christchurch only xx

Eightgrains Dumpling Tasting Platter

Open steamed bao bun Taiwanese style, house made vegan and with choices of different sauce and toppings.

Most Popular

Bao Buns

Dumplings made with natural and local ingredients; colors of pastry are made from green tea matcha, and turmeric. Vegan options available.

Ramen Noodle Soup

Ramen noodle soup with house made noodles, rich broth, roasted pork belly toppings, soy marinaded runny ramen egg and nori seaweed.

Word of Mouth

Easily the best ramen in Christchurch. And some of the best wait staff I've ever met. The ramen was delicious and could not be any better. Chicken ramen and pork trio were both delicious as can be. Lovely atmosphere and they allow you to eat outside too...

Reuben Roberts

Christchurch local

Ramen Ria

This is a perfect addition to the Riverside Market! Well thought out and original Chinese cuisine bursting with flavour. They offer an array of delicious food to suit all taste buds in a crisp yet relaxing environment. Full of light and looking out over the river, you couldn't find a better spot of lunch or dinner.

Rhiannon Arnott

Christchurch local

Midnight Shanghai

Thank you so much for our Friday night take aways! I've always loved eight grains but it was a first for many of my colleagues and they loved it!! Thanks for organising everything, from getting every order right to naming everything to getting it us. Our team was well feed 😍 P.S by far my favourite dumplings in chch

Angela Joseph

Christchurch local


Interesting flavours of gelato alongside the usual classics. We had pistachio and chai latte, not too sweet but a perfect amount of creamy which is great.

Yohanes Santoso


Gelato & tea

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